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Meet the Whites: Moscato

A couple New Years’ ago I walked into our local ABC Liquors and asked for something sparkling that wasn’t Brut. The very helpful clerk brought me back to the Italian imports section and pointed out several possible wines, one of which was a Moscato d’Asti, with which we happily rung in the new year. Since […]

Meet the Whites: Riesling

Now we’re into the fun wines! Okay, they’re all fun (when applied liberally) but the sweet wines are lovely in their own right: they go well with desserts! And dessert is often my favorite meal of the day. There’s more to Riesling than just a dessert wine, though, the varietal can be used in everything […]

Meet the Whites: Chardonnay

Some would consider my not covering Chardonnay first heresy–I say it made just plain good sense. Chardonnay is something a lot of people drink because they recognize the name, not because they necessarily like it. It’s on every wine list and every hotel and restaurant has their house white which is probably 9 times out […]

Meet the Whites: Sauvignon Blanc

Last week we talked light-and-crisp Pinot Grigio and this week we’re only taking a half-step up, really, with Sauvignon Blanc. One of the major white wine grapes, Sauvignon Blanc can be found bottled as the stand-alone varietal (sometimes labeled Pouilly-Fumé from the Loire Valley of France, or Fumé Blanc from certain California bottlers) or blended into […]

Wine Search I-Phone App

The next phone application I am going to review is called Wine Search. This app is available for the I-Phone and is very handy when going out to eat. If you are like me, you do not like to get ripped off when buying anything. I always try to compare prices, see if coupons are […]

Giant Eagle Wine Dinner

Once a month, my mom hosts a Wine Dinner at Giant Eagle where wine shoppers can come and enjoy a nice night of food and wine. Although this event has only been going on for about a year, it is planned very well and it was a treat to attend. Last week, my boyfriend Erik […]

Our First Festa

This past weekend Tallahassee saw it’s first (annual? only the future will tell) Italian Family Festa out at the John Paul II Catholic High School. I found out about the Festa through Groupon, which turns out to be a fabulous resource for learning about local businesses and events, not just saving money at them. With […]

Spanish White Wine to Know and Love

One piece of advice that’s given to new writers is to “write what you know.” This same bit of wisdom can be applied to novice wine buyers. As an example, I recently wrote about a wine, a tempranillo that was sent to me to sample. Created by one of Spain’s oldest wineries, Bodegas Monticello, I […]

Cool Weather. Hot Red! Wine

I received a bottle of wine in the mail the other day as part of a promotion for Spanish wine. The wine, a 2003 Montecillo Reserva, is 100% Tempranillo from Rioja Alta region and as such is dark in color and earthy in tone– perfect for sipping on the first chilly night of autumn here […]

Nice Wine!

Full disclosure, a while back I received two very nice bottles of wine from the Rene Barbier folks as part of their Mediterranean Wine Series. There was a white and a red,of course, but both were very user friendly. The white was perfect for summer on the back porch. The red was just bold enough […]