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Meet the Roses | Angove’s Nine Vines Rosé

By the time I got home, last night, I was more than ready to kick off my shoes (ironic, as I’d just been to the opening of our local DSW and found the holy grail of show shopping: red tag clearance on Nine West kitten heels) and pour myself a glass of something tasty. But […]

Meet the Roses | Beringer White Zinfandel

Many, many years ago I was at some local event with my then-boyfriend (seriously, no clue why we were there; concert? party?) and they had a cash bar.* This was before I discovered my love of red wines and well before Pinot Noir was as plentiful as it is, today, so I asked if they […]

Meet the Rosés | Volére Rosé

So we’re kicking off our Rosé reviews with something I never thought I’d utter on this blog: a box wine Wait! Before you go, here me out? Many of us who love wine, even those of us who love wine on an “unsophisticated” level, love the process that goes with the wine. The foil cover, […]