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Cosmic Cocktails | Cancer | The Sensitive Soul

When researching this week’s sign and cocktail the immediate thought I got, reading about the Crab’s nurturing and protective nature, was of a lioness protecting her cub, or an angry momma-bear. Maybe it should have been a little more Finding Nemo and less Jungle Book (we are dealing with a water sign, after all), but the comparison […]

Watermelon Sherbet Dessert

This use to be my favorite dessert when my mom would treat my brother and me to ice cream at Friendly’s. This dessert is very similar to what they would offer which is called the Watermelon Roll. It is made using watermelon sherbet (or raspberry), lemon sherbet and lime sherbet. It also calls for small […]

No Thumping Allowed: How to Choose a Melon

Calling all fruit and vegetable shoppers. How many times have you seen people thumping their way through the produce section? Sometimes I wish I could videotape it and put it to music. Fruit shoppers have a tendency to get creative when discerning ripe from unripe fruit, thumping their way through a process that is more […]