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Bottled Water: Hydration Elsewhere

Well, I guess the bottled water boom is drying up. Blame it on the economy as people are rethinking (and it’s about time) bottled water. Tap water in a plastic bottle or reused plastic bottle or aluminum bottle looks better and better all the time. This is according to an article in the Washington Post. And […]

Bottled Water Ripoff

This is not the first news I’ve seen of the bottled water ripoff and it probably won’t be the last. Men’s Health magazine recently came out with an informative article about whose bottling tap water and selling it for a big profit. Big multinational companies, of course. Read the article.

Back to Basics: Protect Clean Drinking Water

Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you look — something is contaminated or polluted or poisoned or tainted? Now our drinking water (not bottled–that’s a whole different story) is contaminated with E.coli, PCBs, mercury, bacteria and more. What can you do about it? Fight back!  Tell Congress to restore the Clean Water Restoration Act.