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AlcoHOLidays | Election Day | Political Party

Back when I was first in college (in the dim mists of the late 20th century), I was incredibly political and planning to become an event planner. I even went as far, for a Intro to Business project, as creating a business plan based on my company-to-be, aptly named Party Politics. I’ve volunteered on campaigns, […]

AlcoHOLidays | Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival | Moonrise Reunion

Welcome, friends, to another installment of our AlcoHOLidays series, where we take a moment to raise our glass in celebration for a local or not so local holiday. This coming weekend (September 3o, in the States, September 29, in China) is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, or the Moon Cake Festival. Like many harvest festivals, it’s […]

Cosmic Cocktails | Aquarius | The Bleeding Heart

As we wind down our trip through the cocktail cosmos, we come to our next-t0-last sign: Aquarius. Symbolized by the water-bearer, Aquarians often find themselves happiest when helping others–both in face-to-face, person-to-person encounters as well as large-scale humanitarian efforts that benefit many. They also tend to be incredibly idealistic, but with follow-through: eschewing businesses that […]

Written in the Stars

Destiny? Fate? An excuse for every human foible? That, my friends, are just some of the things folks find when they gaze up at the night sky. Me? I have perhaps more than the average interest in astrology but I take it, like most things, with a few grains of salt and a whole lot […]

She Was Afraid to Come Out With the Vodka…

She was afraid to come out with the Vodka She was as nervous as she could be She was afraid to come out with the Vodka She was afraid that somebody would see Two three four tell the people what she bore It was an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Martini That she […]

Convergence of Annoying Naming Conventions

As much as I absolutely adore anything that Apple comes out with, I have to admit that the iEverything naming thing is a little much. In fact, it’s almost as annoying as the prevalence of calling anything in a cocktail glass a -tini. Of course, the -tini appelation is appropriate when the drink is inspired […]

Give Me 3 CCs–Stat!

Unlike a goodly portion of human adults, I don’t rely on a cup of coffee or three to start my day (part of it is that whole no-caffeine thing, of course). Sure, I indulge in the occasional Venti Decaf Soy Caramel Macchiatto when I manage to leave the house a little early but, for the […]

Fourth of July Jello Shots

Jello shots are a very festive way to celebrate the holiday. They are easy to make and fun for parties. For Fourth of July, follow the recipe below but only use Red and Blue jello for holiday colors. Top with whipped cream for a holiday feel! Make sure you chill for 4-5 hours so they […]

50 Shots of America–Idaho

What I know of Idaho is what I saw on the 5# sack of potatoes as a kid: what it’s shaped like and potatoes come from there. It’s one of the few states I could pick out on an unlabeled map, thanks to their simple but straightforward marketing plan. No surprise, there’s a lot more […]

50 Shots of America: North Dakota

In our continuing journey across the US via cocktail, we head almost to Canada, today, with a look at either the 38th or 39th state… ~~~oOo~~~ There’s some confusion as to which state rightfully comes next in our tour of the states by date of statehood. You see, North and South Dakota both came up […]