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Living Vegan: Processed Foods To Avoid

The following was submitted by Virginia Cunningham, guest blogger. Whether you’re a lifelong vegan, or just embarking on an effort to cut out all animal products from your diet, figuring out what you can eat may be something of a challenge, especially when it comes to processed, packaged foods. You know that fresh produce is […]

Vegan baking TweetChat – July 7

Yesterday President Obama held a Twitter town hall meeting and today there’s a live TweetChat on vegan baking. What next? Veteran organic cook, pastry chef and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Vegan Baking, Donna Diegel, will reply to questions during a live TweetChat on Thursday, July 7 at 2 p.m. CT about how […]

Tucson: Lovin’ Spoonfuls – Top Five Vegan Pies in U.S.

Yes, it’s true Lovin’ Spoonfuls makes some of the best desserts… from the PETA press release Tucson, Ariz. – Vegans love decadent desserts as much as the next guy. And with all the meat-, egg-, and dairy-free food choices available, people who are concerned about animals, the environment, and their health have lots to choose […]

Vegan, Earth Day, and Showering in Public

Just say you’re thinking of going vegan but how will convince your kids to follow down the green path? Kids are more save the planet conscious so it might not be such a challenge. Here’s a website with 100 kid-friendly vegan recipes and as I peruse them, they’re adult friendly too. You wouldn’t serve these […]

40 easy ways to eat more ethically

Eating ethically. Now there’s an idea that I try to embrace. Some suggestions to eat more ethnically include (not surprisingly) eating less meat and growing your own vegetables. Other suggestions are stop eating fast food head to the local farmers markets eat organic products stop eating foods that require slave labor to pick and process […]

Contest: Win a Vegan Chef Cooked Dinner for Four People

Image via Wikipedia Vegan food news:  Although, I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian, any time a chef would come and cook dinner for me and my friends — that’s a contest I want to win. This contest used a new word —  flexitarian.  That could describe my cooking and eating patterns. This contest […]

Noshing Tucson: Casbah Closing Feb. 28

Another Tucson restaurant will close its doors: Casbah Restaurant and Teahouse on 4th Avenue is closing at the end of the month. Now is the time to stop by and get your Casbah fix. The Casbah has been around since 1991 and is an exotic funky mix of vegetarian/vegan mixed with casual Moroccan decor. In […]

Healthy Food Blog: Vegan Cheese Recall

In a nutshell: Vegan cheese may have milk protein which could cause serious allergic reactions. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –Saddle Brook, NJ — November 20, 2008 — PANOS brands, of Saddle Brook, NJ is recalling Vegan Rella Cheddar Block, (a cheese substitute) with a Sell by date of 12/09/2008. This product is being recalled because it […]