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OMG! A great guide for novice cooks.

Learning to cook can be a little intimidating even for a young foodie. But a new cookbook published by Tate Publishing  – www.tatepublishing.com  –  takes a little of the fear and trepidation out of the process. “OMG – Oh My Gosh! I’m In College and I Never Learned to Cook” is written by Hollis Ledbetter, […]

Two Orange-Based Holiday Recipes with Photos

Candied Orange Peel Recipe: step 1 – peel orange and trim excess pith to avoid bitterness http://s2t.vg/wpFXnO # step 2- Boil sugar and water. http://s2t.vg/OrFO1I # Step 3 – Add orange peel strips http://s2t.vg/nVrAjG # Step 4: Spread out on rack to let drip excess sugar onto waxed paper and dry http://s2t.vg/cXjQ3Z # Final step […]

Tweets on 2009-12-12

I'm at a Railroad Show in Columbus Ohio. These are china used on dining cars. http://s2t.vg/THanJg # Marcella's Italian Restaurant in Short North District, Columbus OH – Now this is a meatball! http://s2t.vg/d9HhfO # Veggie Pizza with fresh radiccio on top. Only the freshest of ingredients! Again at Marcellio's Columbus OH http://s2t.vg/LJJ6Hh #

Julie & Julia-Inspired Gal Pal Christmas Dinner Party

What fun!  That’s me, Mary Johnson, on the left, with Carolyn Mueller at Carolyn’s home on the big night. It has become a tradition with our LAFF gal-pal group to celebrate Christmas with a dinner at Carolyn’s home.  It started out, years ago, with just soup and salad and then progressed to what it is […]

Preparation for our Julie & Julia Christmas Feast

  Image via Wikipedia Yesterday, my friend Carolyn and I started preparing for our annual LAFF Christmas Party (LAFF is the informal women’s social group that I belong to).  Carolyn came up with the great idea of recreating the Beoff Bourguignon recipe from the Julie and Julia movie.  I was assigned the vegetables (perl onions […]

Tweets on 2009-11-29

How to dry parsley: Step one – Harvest and cut off big stems (they slow down the drying process) http://s2t.vg/bbmz3Z # Step 2: Spread out in microwave oven. Cook on lowest setting, turning several times for even drying (20+ minutes) http://s2t.vg/84GXQN # After 10 minutes – noticeably less volume. Turn over, feeling for dryness. Continue […]