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Noshing Around: Tucson 58 Degrees Closing

58 Degrees & Holding Co. will close its first location at Williams Centre on January 24.  It’s second location at St. Philip’s Plaza closed in late 2008. 58 Degrees is the temperature that wine should be stored. The location had wine storage, wine sales, wine tastings, and a restaurant. The wine sale began January 16 and […]

Noshing Around: Tucson-Artful Burger (new)

There’s a new restaurant in downtown Tucson called Burger City. It’s where art meets burgers. While not a totally imaginative name, Burger City has some terrific attributes: 1) It opened downtown. Downtown has not been very friendly to its businesses as of late what with the challenging construction; 2) It opened in ArtFare, a non-profit […]