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MacKnitty- IT’S CSA DAY!!!

Yes, I know that you should not use all capitals or punctuate with more than one exclamation mark but how else should I mark the day that will go down in history for the Begay family? For months, since January when I learned about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) I would dream about the surprise of vegetables […]

MacKnitty- The Eggplant does not taste like eggs

Izzies first eggplant Farmer’s Market on Sunday yielded a nice spread including breakfast stirfry, dates, mint, beets, carrots, peaches, eggs, butter, bok choy ( I guess it’s actually said pak choy) and my big ticket item THE EGGPLANT. Every week I try to get one big ticket item that really identifies the season. Last week […]

MacKnitty’s Family of Locavores: The Journey Begins

    Tucson has been my home for the past 12 years, a transplant from The Navajo Reservation. I have had my first daughter here and meet my husband here. After earning my B.A in Elementary Education from The University of Arizona, I worked as an educator specializing in 1st grade and Physical Education. In 2006, […]

Welcome New Blogger: Tucson Locavore

Circle of Food would like to welcome a new voice embarking on a journey to eat more local foods. Tia Begay posted a comment about her new found interest in joining a CSA and wanting her family to eat more locally grown foods. I’m interested in reading what she has to say and I hope […]