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Shout Out to Tucson Food Bloggers

As the Tucson culinary, gastronomy and food scene continues to snap, crackle and pop…check out what Tucson’s bloggers have to say: Tucson Foodie Tucson Foodie is an online food magazine dedicated to covering Tucson’s delicious and growing food scene. And it does well and probably the only money-making/advertising-taking blog in the bunch. Adam Lehrman does […]

What’s for Dinner? Popcorn

This is one of my most favorite dinners to eat at home – a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn. What could be better than popcorn dusted with chocolate? Perhaps popcorn drizzled with chocolate sauce? I love popcorn with sea salt & pepper and popcorn with white cheddar cheese. Even popcorn with olive […]

Tucson Circle of Food 30 Day Challenge

Thirty days has September, April, June and blah blah. This little ditty according to Wikipedia is a traditional English rhyme commonly used in English-speaking countries to remember what months have how many days. What does this have to do with food? For the month of September, Circle of Food is going to challenge me, myself […]

With Relish: Tyler Fenton, Reilly Craft Pizza, Tucson

Tucson: Tyler Fenton, Reilly Craft Pizza, Owner and Restaurateur You would never know that Reilly was a former funeral home and Circle of Food promises no dying to eat here jokes. In 2012, Reilly opened its doors and since has become a trifecta of sorts with an inspired restaurant for the hungry, a separate beer […]

With Relish, New Circle of Food Column

Five is the magic number…five questions and five answers. Who has an attention span for much more? Starting later today and peppered throughout the month and coming months, Circle of Food (Karyn Zoldan) will interview some of Tucson’s (and beyond) food glitterati, chefs, authors, bartenders, wine makers, purveyors, movers and shakers, foodies and more. You […]