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Chewish Tucson: Fleming’s Happy Hour

Tucson restaurant happy hour Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to go to triple digits. Oh, I am so depressed. One thing I don’t do when it’s hot is turn on my oven. I barely go in the kitchen except to open the refrigerator. Now is the time to really pay attention to happy hours. Fleming’s […]

Tucson Restaurants: Altruism, Maynards, Change

Another week, another update about the Tucson dining scene and then some…. What really amazes me about Tucson is how altruistic the local restaurants are. Let’s face it – most restaurants are hurting in this economy.  People are eating out less, eating in less expensive places less often, and ordering less expensive items. Yet, when a good […]

Noshing Tucson Restaurants: Casa Vicente

Last weekend Chef Annette visited from L.A. so I took her to my favorite Spanish hideaway – Casa Vicente.  When you walk inside, Tucson fades a million miles away even though Casa Vicente sits in Armory Park or what is considered, downtown adjacent. There are two rooms, one nearer the stage and the other in […]

Noshing Around: Tucson Restaurants, Open and Closed

2008 was a hard year for Tucson restaurants.  Hopefully 2009 will be better but that remains to be seen especially with a high unemployment rate.  Here is a list of restaurants that opened and closed. Some opened and closed in the same year. Open Jai Thai – opened end of Dec. 2007 Shlomo & Vito’s […]

Culinary Tourism: Tucson Culinary Festival – Oct 23-26

Taste, savor and enjoy the four days of events from Oct. 23-26, starting with the margarita championship and going all the way through the reserve tasting, the grand tasting and the brunch/Copper Chef cook-off. The margarita event is slated to be held at the Historic Train Depot downtown, with the rest of the events happening […]

Let’s Do Lunch: Yoshimatsu in Tucson…Healthy Food Blog

TUCSON–When the weather hits to 100+ mark, I become a zombie and get really depressed. I decided to try to break the pattern. Today I signed up for an 8-week summer drawing class then decided to go buy my art supplies while drawing was on my brain’s top shelf. I bought the supplies at Sarnoff’s and then […]