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Popcorn Is My Crack

Confession: I’ve never done crack but let’s just say I am addicted to Trader Joe’s Bollywood popcorn which by the way is being phased out because not enough people buy it. Right now, I saw the bright blue package at the Trader Joe’s Swan/Grant store for 99 cents. The manager confirmed Bollywood popcorn is going […]

10 things to do with Cowboy Caviar

May is National Salsa month. Salsa is the Mexican word for “sauce.”  An unlimited amount of salsas are available today in super markets and specialty stores. What’s your favorite salsa? My current favorite salsa is Cowboy Caviar. Here are 10 ways to use Cowboy Caviar: –With chips –Pour over goat cheese or cream cheese brick […]

Peanut Flour Power

Restaurants have been using peanut flour for years. High in protein, this gluten free flour is used in soups, breads, cookies, sauces, breading and batters. Now home cooks can find this versatile ingredient at Trader Joe’s nationwide and at Harvey’s Supermarkets in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina thanks to the folks at The National Peanut […]

Fareway Stores + Trader Joes Say No to Bad Eggs, Speak Out!

Image via Wikipedia Kudos to Trader Joe’s and Fareway Stores (the latter in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Nebraska) who have emphatically said NO to further selling DeCoster factory farm eggs which is responsible for the Iowa egg recall. According to Food Democracy Now! more than 30,000 people spoke out to end the reign of terror […]

Cooking With All Things Trader Joe’s – Cookbook Review

Being a working woman, I go through spurts of cooking from scratch when I feel the need to slow down and smell the roses.   My lifestyle tends to involve the microwave more than the oven.  But, what I yearn for is flavor!  Something I don’t often get with my microwave concoctions even though they are […]

Contest: Trader Joes Sandwiches

Trader Joe’s is having a sandwich making contest. I imagine everyone has a different interpretation of what a sandwich is. “Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” James Beard Do not post y0ur recipe here unless you want me to steal it which I might if it looks good. Here are the rules. (pdf) […]

Noshing: Closings, Trader Joes, Passover, Easter

More noshing more often. More food news about Tucson restaurants and dining scene. Closed – Grande Tortilla Factory After almost 62 years, the Grande Tortilla Factory on Grande Avenue closed. Read the story. Closed – Local Harvest Marketplace After 5 short months, Local Harvest Marketplace located on Speedway just east of Alvernon Way, closed. In […]

Tortilla Chips: Super Bowl Snack Favorite

I love tortilla chips. I don’t frequently buy them because I always eat more than a serving or three. Since I had guests staying with me, I bought a bag of Trader Joe’s tortilla chips with an identity crisis. You gotta love Trader Joe’s wit. I wish I wrote for that company. Hey Joe: Need […]

Trader Joes Recalls Peanut Butter/Apple Slices

In a nutshell: Trader Joe’s is recalling sliced green apples with all natural peanut butter. Just imagine the scope of this peanut butter recall. FDA press release (verbatim) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — (January 23, 2009) Monrovia, CA – Trader Joe’s today expands its voluntary recall to include Trader Joe’s Sliced Green Apples With All Natural Peanut […]