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Low-FODMAP Pineapple Salsa

I was expecting company last week and had meant to do some baking but the week had just gone from hectic to all-out-insane and I just couldn’t summon the will to turn on the oven. Still, I wanted to offer my guests something so I figured I’d just pick up some nice cheese on the way home […]

Nibbles & Bites: Naan Pizza & Tomato-less Sauce

It’s been 3 1/2 years since I’ve had any sort of tomato-based sauce*. Do you know how many foods contain tomato sauce, paste or both? It’s been a long 42 months. The why of this has to do with an unfortunate hiccup in my health and there’s many other things I’ve had to eliminate (caffeine, […]

Eat More Tomatoes for Heart Health Month

February is heart health month. Did you know that tomatoes were once called love apples because they were thought to be aphrodisiacs?   One serving of tomatoes, or tomato-based foods such as pizza or tomato sauce can help lower your risk for heart disease and are a good source of vitamin C and vitamin A.  I […]

Noshing Around-Tucson, Arizona Grown Tomatoes

Two well known and respected Arizona companies join forces to promote Arizona grown vegetables. Eurofresh and Fox Restaurant Concepts are promoting each other. Fox Restaurant Concepts is using Eurofresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Bashas grocery stores are promoting Arizona grown produce in specially designated displays. Wouldn’t we all rather buy locally than import tomatoes from Chile […]

Tomatoes: Health Benefits and Soup Recipe

I love a good tomato. Anyone who has ever eaten a tomato fresh from the garden knows what a good tomato tastes like. There is no better flavor on earth. Good tomatoes are hard to find in the middle of winter. Hothouse tomatoes are probably the best way to get a good tomato this time […]

Tomato Salmonella Update

One of the busiest weekends for tomato demand has come and gone as people put sliced tomatoes on the burgers and serve at holiday barbecues. Tomatoes are rotting on the vine or in some packing house because orders are not being picked up. And now the government is looking at other food culprits like jalapenos. […]

Tomato Salmonella Scare Has Zero Clues

What if the CDC never finds the cause or culprit for the largest salmonella outbreak in U.S. history? What if tomatoes are not the food poisoning culprit? Although the tomato hunt has been going on for two months, there is no one outstanding clue pointing to the cause for over 800 people being sickened by a […]

FDA Finds Tomato Salmonella Scare Link

Tomato salmonella scare has been linked to farms in Mexico and Florida but the actual bacteria is still a mystery. An associate for the FDA said that the raw roma tomatoes, raw plum tomatoes, and raw round tomatoes may not have been necessarily affected on the farms because the strain of tomato salmonella is too […]

Salad Bar and Other Tomato Hazards

Last night I was invited to a salad potluck. It was a wonderful repast among good friends and amazingly no one put tomatoes in their salad nor were they well informed about the tomato food poisoning scare either. Right now you can only eat certain kinds of tomooes — cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and tomatoes […]

Tomato Safety: Food Poisoning in Arizona

ARIZ–Contaminated tomatoes in Arizona are the reality. So far most of the cases have been in Texas and New Mexico but five salmonella cases have been found in Arizona — two cases in Apache county and one case each in Maricopa, Pima, and Coconino counties. One person was hospitalized but so far no deaths. Infants, […]