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Tomato Salmonella Update

One of the busiest weekends for tomato demand has come and gone as people put sliced tomatoes on the burgers and serve at holiday barbecues. Tomatoes are rotting on the vine or in some packing house because orders are not being picked up. And now the government is looking at other food culprits like jalapenos. […]

Is Repackaging Tomatoes the Problem?

This New York Times blog says that so far no one has been able to find the culprit of the tomato salmonella cause of food poisoning. I said the other day, what if tomatoes are not the problem? According to the New York Times blog, the problem could be in the repackaging when tomatoes from many […]

FDA Finds Tomato Salmonella Scare Link

Tomato salmonella scare has been linked to farms in Mexico and Florida but the actual bacteria is still a mystery. An associate for the FDA said that the raw roma tomatoes, raw plum tomatoes, and raw round tomatoes may not have been necessarily affected on the farms because the strain of tomato salmonella is too […]

Avoid the Tomato Scare; Eat Local Tomatoes

The lastest tomato scare is just another reason to eat locally grown produce and to support the mom-and-pop farmer and farmers markets. For an article that I’m writing which will appear in late July, this week I am eating only foods that I find at farmers markets and friends’ gardens. I have spent all week […]

Baja Mexico Cleared in Tomato Salmonella Scare

Food and Drug Administration clears Baja Mexico in probe of tomato salmonella scare. Baja Mexico began its tomato harvest April 26 and the earliest known patient in the salmonella outbreak fell sick on April 10. (But why didn’t it get into the media until June?) So far the tomato salmonella scare has sickened 277 people […]