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The Best Burger in Town

Image via Wikipedia I am from the Cleveland area, so when I came to college in Toledo, there were a lot of restaurants I had never heard of. One of these restaurants I had never heard of was Red Robin. I had seen commercials back home for them, and always remembered RED-ROBIN-YUM… but I never […]

Rumors Restaurant

Today for breakfast, I went to Rumors, a casual restaurant in Toledo. My boyfriend and I ate there because it was ½ off all breakfasts, and I didn’t have a lot of money to be wasting. But when we got there and ordered, it was packed, so I assumed the food would be good. When […]

Mediterranean Restaurant – Toledo

              Today, with my roommate Britt and my Aunt Mary, I went to a restaurant called Rumors, located in Toledo, Ohio near campus. From our first impression of the restaurant, it didn’t look very nice, and it seemed like a restaurant for older people. When we tried the food though, it was really good. My […]