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Thanksgiving: Turkey Cupcakes

Yes, you read that right. I was having a conversation with a friend about how I lost my taste for turkey and get bored with a whole bird and then this recipe appeared in my inbox. For a variety of reasons, not everyone wants to cook an entire roasted turkey on Thanksgiving.  Why not think […]

Thanksgiving Recipe Idea: Cooking with Flavor Extracts

Image via Wikipedia The tastes and scents of Thanksgiving food are a source of cherished memories over generations. Do you have a secret cooking weapon? I received this press release from Nielsen-Massey and up to that point had not really thought about flavor extracts as a secret cooking weapon.  (I hate the word — weapon; […]

Delicious Easy Thanksgiving Recipes from Fresh Home magazine

Image by Matthew Saunders via Flickr Thanks to the nice people at Fresh Home magazine (fall issue) for these wonderful Thanksgiving recipes made over easy including an unusual fondue. These recipes are less time-consuming and according to the magazine — three times as delicious!  Not only are there recipes but a timeline which I think […]

Diet: Thanksgiving dinner on 600 calories

Yes, you read that correctly — Thanksgiving dinner on 600 calories. That’s pretty amazing when a slice of pumpkin pie can weigh in at 320 calories. First, there’s plenty of portion control going on, no second helpings of mashed potatoes, no drowning your turkey in the gravy boat, and no heaping servings but no skimping on […]