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National Tequila Day – July 24

What does tequila make you think of? Perhaps a frosty margarita or for more originality – on the rocks (my preference) or some shots with lime? Did you know that we in the USA drink 76 percent of all tequila exported from Mexico? I wonder what state drinks the most? Did you know that it […]

National Guacamole Day Dip & Sip? Challenge Accepted!

I’ve always loved playing hostess at parties and I’m so lucky to have found, in Todd, a willing accomplice to party perfection. We try to throw at least one good-sized party a year (with written invitations, party favors, etc.) but with this year’s bash being the wedding (in 47 days–holy cats it’s getting close!), at-home […]

Review & Recipe | Piedra Azul Tequila

Tequila! *da duh da da da da duh dun* Now that song is stuck in your head, right? There are worse anthems for a Friday. I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the Dip & Sip Challenge in honor of National Guacamole Day (Monday, September 16) sponsored by Piedra Azul Tequila. Now, the […]

Cinco de Mayo Tequila Shrimp by The Gourmet Bachelor

Recipe – Tequila Shrimp – Thanks to The Gourmet Bachelor for sharing this recipe with Circle of Food If you try this recipe at home, be careful igniting the tequila. INGREDIENTS: Shrimp 1 lb large shrimp, peeled 2 T Old Bay seasoning 1 t cayenne 1 t cumin 2 T olive oil Sauce 4 garlic […]

AlcoHOLidays | National Margarita Day | The Choco-Rita

The history of the margarita is hotly debated. Sometime in the 1930s or 40s someone concocted it, but whether it was a Texas socialite or one of the two south-of-the-border bartenders that claim the honor, it remains a wonderful drink for warm days. The basic margarita consists of tequila–usually silver, though I prefer gold, lime juice, and […]

AlcoHOLidays | Mexican Independence Day | The Caliente

Raise your hands, all of you who think (thought) Cinco de Mayo was Mexico’s Independence Day. Okay, put your hands back down. For the record, Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Fifty-two years earlier, however, Mexico began it’s fight for independence from […]

Tucson Tequila Dinner – Flying V

This is a great event for people who really know their tequilas or people who want to learn more.  Tequila has amazing versatility and depth. It’s not just for margaritas only — think infusions, cocktails, and more. Taste the nuances that tequila has to offer and learn from a local tequila master. The tequilas will […]

Tucson: Winners of World Margarita Championship

Here are the results of the World Margarita Champtionship. My apologies as this was the first time I could get to my computer in a few days. The event sparkled from beginning to end with good weather, good food, good cocktails, a few laughs, and lots of friendly people. I brought a friend who was […]

Tucson: World Margarita Championship 2011

It’s all about the tequila!  This year we thirsty margarita sample sippers will mill around like we always do going from margarita tasting to margarita tasting quenching our thirst and sampling delicious nibbles. What’s different is that the mixologists from the competing restaurants will “mix it up” in front of the judges. Perform! The judges […]

Tequila, move over and make way for Bacanora – Cocktails anyone?

Tequila, move over and make way for Bacanora! What is bacanora? Bacanora is an agave-derived liquor made in the Mexican state of Sonora. Its origins are pre-colonial. Bacanora is a rare, sublime wild Silvestre maguey agave spirit made in limited small batches, on the rustic family ranchero, just as it was prepared four centuries ago, […]