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Food product review: SereniTea

Food product review: SereniTea SereniTea® is gourmet liquid organic green tea in single serving packets. According to the press release, SereniTea is organically grown, free from pesticides in the pristine Wuyi Rock Mountains of China, the Natural Reserve area where the flavor of tea is dramatically affected by climate, soil conditions and the care used […]

Food Product Review: Honest Ade (lemonade)

Honest Ade is from the people who bring us Honest Tea. Honest Ade is zero calories – a classic lemonade — an organic thirst quencher according to the label. Here’s an honest opinion about Honest Ade — it was too sweet for me. I like my lemonade to be a tad more pucker-ish. I like […]

50 Shots of America–Colorado

Welcome to our continuing trek across the Unites States in search of fun facts and tasty cocktails. This week we’re in the Rocky Mountains, visiting Colorado! ~~~oOo~~~ After many changes of hands and disputes over the years, the free Territory of Colorado was organized by outgoing-President Buchanan in February of 1861. Named for the Colorado […]

50 Shots of America–Missouri

Meet Me at the Fair Now, if you were paying attention last week when Maine was added to the Union as part of the Missouri Compromise, then you’re probably not surprised that the Show-Me state is taking it’s place as #24 at the bar this week! And speaking of that nick-name (unofficial–they don’t have an […]

Drink tea for health benefits, June-National Iced Tea Month

Image via Wikipedia June is National Iced Tea Month. Here are some fun facts about iced tea, courtesy of Honest Tea: •         As of June 1, iced tea turned 106 years-old (what’s old is new again) •         80 percent of the tea served around the world is iced tea •         Studies show that drinking tea […]

Sips & Shots: 50 Shots of America–South Carolina

Ah, South Carolina, home of Charleston, the grand lady of the South. All sorts of antebellum thoughts start running through my head when I think of the coastal cities of the 8th state of the Union. But first, some history. The Carolina colony was one of the original 13, settled in 1670 by English colonists […]

Sips & Shots–50 Shots of America: Massachusetts

In 2005 I took my first plane ride ever up to Plymouth, Mass., to learn the new accounting system my company purchased. (Actually, we flew into Boston–late–and drove to Plymouth by way of Rhode Island… whoops!) At any rate, we didn’t get a chance to do much sight-seeing (one of these days I *will* visit […]