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Sustainable Fish, AZ Dine Out for Safety, Pie Party Crumbs

Sustainable Fish Made Easy What’s a fish lover to do? What’s the best fish and seafood to eat that is good for you and for the ocean too? Martin Reed, a 2007 UA graduate started I Love Blue Sea (rhymes with I Love Lucy) as a way of helping puzzled wannabe pescetarians decipher sustainable seafood. […]

World Oceans Day, Eat Sustainable Fish

Today is World Oceans Day. While eating seafood is a healthy choice, sometimes it’s bad for you and sometimes it’s bad for the ocean. The NRDC  (Natural Resources Defense Council) has a new consumer guide to healthy and sustainable seafood. OMG! I shouldn’t be eating tuna. I love tuna, there’s nothing like a crunchy albacore […]

Golden Globe Awards Menu and Sea Bass

I was looking at the menu for the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday on January 11 and I noticed that sea bass was on the menu. Specifically, one of the menu items is “sautéed aromatic Asian spice marinated sea bass in a sherry wine Yuzu pepper sauce.” I thought that sea bass was endangered. I […]