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Healthy Super Bowl Super Foods Snacks

Image via Wikipedia Superbowl Sunday is Feb. 7. At this time I have no clue who is playing but I did see the main event was in Miami. Health and fitness expert Dr. Eric Plasker, best-selling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle and The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout, has offered Circle of Food some suggestions […]

Super Bowl Food for Pittsburgh Fans

I’m a bit torn between rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers since I grew up near Pittsburgh and think it’s a rockin’ city.  The New York Times recently wrote an article how Pittsburgh seems to be the only Midwest city to be growing with a solid economy while every other Midwest city is having hard times. But I live in […]

Tortilla Chips: Super Bowl Snack Favorite

I love tortilla chips. I don’t frequently buy them because I always eat more than a serving or three. Since I had guests staying with me, I bought a bag of Trader Joe’s tortilla chips with an identity crisis. You gotta love Trader Joe’s wit. I wish I wrote for that company. Hey Joe: Need […]

Fast and Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

We were surprised to learn that the Super Bowl is the second biggest eating day after Thanksgiving. Not being a sports fan and not even knowing which teams are playing, I wouldn’t know. I do know that malls are not crowded during the Super Bowl and neither are movie theatres. During my previous entrepreneurial years […]