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Apple Crisp

Image via Wikipedia This SUGAR FREE dessert is something on the healthier side and easy to make. I love making apple crisp year round, and this recipe is especially good for those who can not eat a lot of sugar. I have tried different variations to the recipe by adding nuts, or other fruits as […]

Abstinence Eating Plan – No Sugar

Image by dhammza via Flickr February 2010 – Abstinence Eating Plan – Go AEP! In January, I gave up cheese.  Prior to January I would eat a lot of cheese – cheese in my scrambled eggs, cheese on my salad, cheese with an apple, cheese with nuts and wine. Cheese, cheese, say cheese. In the […]

Sugar Substitutes: How Sweet It’s Not

Just last week I was having a conversation about the advantages and disadvantages of aspartame and Spenda enhanced products. She was in favor while I was against. From my own experience, I gain more weight when I eat fat-free and diet products. The mentality is that since I’m eating fat-free or diet products, I probably […]