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Tucson: Southwest Spirit Summit with Tony Abou-Ganim

Cocktails, anyone? Spirits galore pour at the Casino del Sol Resort in Tucson November 16, 17 & 18. Check out the dizzying details, discounts, and deals for overnight stays. Drink responsibly. Purchase tickets here. from the press release ALL ACCESS PASS for the Tony Abou-Ganim Southwest Spirit Summit ~ $125 per person ~ Includes admission […]

Tequila, move over and make way for Bacanora – Cocktails anyone?

Tequila, move over and make way for Bacanora! What is bacanora? Bacanora is an agave-derived liquor made in the Mexican state of Sonora. Its origins are pre-colonial. Bacanora is a rare, sublime wild Silvestre maguey agave spirit made in limited small batches, on the rustic family ranchero, just as it was prepared four centuries ago, […]

Nice Wine!

Full disclosure, a while back I received two very nice bottles of wine from the Rene Barbier folks as part of their Mediterranean Wine Series. There was a white and a red,of course, but both were very user friendly. The white was perfect for summer on the back porch. The red was just bold enough […]

A Well-Stocked Bar

Cheers! This week I’m at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, and am away from my home bar. 50 Shots of America will resume next week. Until then, I hope you’ll find the following enlightening–it’s long, but for good reason. The Basic Spirits To make a wide variety of drinks, a bar stocked with a bottle each […]

St. Patricks Day and Hangovers

For whatever reason, people drink a lot on St. Patrick’s Day. I know I have been there and I’m not even Irish. Decades ago, my friends and I would go to Tom Bergen’s in Los Angeles and get in line after work (or we left work early). Part of the fun was standing in line as […]

Oscar Cocktails

Usually there are some articles about Oscar cocktails but I haven’t found any this year so I’ll make up my own. For the movie Frost/Nixon — what did politicos drink during that time? Probably scotch and water or scotch and soda or bourbon. Some good hard manly liquor. For Milk — What about Kaluha and milk […]