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Weight Loss, Glycemic Index Diet, Glycemic Load

I am on day 11. I haven’t been keeping up with the posts but it’s eating as per the other days more or less. I actually went out to eat a few times to break the boredom and stuck with the program. I went to lunch in a Mexican restaurant, Zivaz, and didn’t get the rice, the chips, or […]

Low Glycemic Diet – Day 7 – South Beach diet

I kind of fell off the phase 1 wagon today. It wasn’t major as I ate something – a 140 calorie South Beach protein bar — that is for phase 2 and 3 only. It could’ve been much worse so I’m not going to beat myself up. I also ate: Breakfast – string cheese stick […]

South Beach Diet – Low Glycemic – Day 5

Today I was craving chocolate. I didn’t have any but I thought about chocolate a lot. Actually bittersweet chocolate or cocoa powder without sugar is low glycemic but is not allowed on phase 1 of the South Beach diet. I don’t think I ate much today which is fine plus I went to the gym which is […]

South Beach Diet-Low Glycemic Eating-Day 4

For some reason I was craving fruit today…but I didn’t have any. It’s a good thing that I don’t have any fruit in the house. I went to do phone banking today for three hours. I got hungry but the only available snacks were chocolate chip cookies, pecan bars, biscotti, and potato chips. I have […]

Low Glycemic Diet – Day 2 – South Beach Diet

I think it was yesterday’s devastating economic forecast that prevented me from having an appetite.  I simply have not eaten much; that’s not a bad thing. Here’s what I ate yesterday: Breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled with lox and sauteed mushrooms Lunch – Southwest cobb salad* Snack – 8 oz of low sodium garden patch […]

Low Glycemic Diet – Day 1- South Beach Diet

I decided to go on the low glycemic South Beach Diet – phase 1 — for two weeks. Every night I will report what I ate. I hate this kind of mental bookkeeping but if I wait until tomorrow, I’ll forget. Phase 1 of South Beach diet is pretty strict but I figure it’s only for two […]