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Cookbook Review: What Color is your Smoothie?

Cookbook Review: What Color is your Smoothie? I love my blender. I love my blender. It makes me happy, a happy ender. Okay, enough silliness but I do love my blender as well as my melon baller, coffee maker and microplane. Those are my four favorite kitchen gadget appliances. I’m a minimalist at heart and […]

Tucson Xoom – Celebrates 10 years

Happy 10th birthday to Xoom Juice. There are juice joints and then there’s Xoom Juice. Congratulations on your 10th and many more. To celebrate, Xoom Juice is offering half-off any Xoom smoothie on Sunday, October 23…IF…you wish them a Happy Birthday or sing the birthday song at their three locations: 2739 e. speedway/country club (nr […]

Chains: Jamba Juice and CiCi’s Pizza

Jamba Juice has a buy one smoothie, get the second smoothie free offer (expires August 9). I went to their website to see what the nutritional/caloric breakdown was but couldn’t find it. Juice smoothies are notorious for being high in calories and sugar.  Dietbites has calories listed; stick with the 16-ounce size. Here’s some different calorie counts […]

Fruit[y] Cocktails

I’m not a girl who likes her liquor straight. On the contrary, I prefer mine well-mixered and my favorite class of mixer is fruit juice. Frou-frou umbrellas are not necessary and the blender can usually stay in the cabinet, but a good juice-to-booze ratio makes a happy camper of this cocktail chick. I went flipping […]

Quick and Easy Smoothies

Today, after a nice workout, I came back to my dorm room and decided to make smoothies. I was really excited because I haven’t had one in awhile and my recipe came out really well. Here it is.. 1 cup strawberries 1/3 cup fat free yogurt 1/3 to 1/2 cup skim milk…. depending on how […]

Real Fruit Smoothies Have Too Much Sugar

I have been watching too much TV and there have been a lot of commercials for Jack-in-the-Box Real Fruit Smoothies. The commercial leads you to believe, perhaps vicariously, that the smoothie is healthy. Really, what’s not healthy about real fruit and yogurt? However, I was curious about the calorie and sugar content. You won’t believe […]