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The Great Greek Salad

I love making different types of salads, but being at college and on a budget, it is hard to get all the ingredients for the salads without spending an arm and a leg. But thanks to Monette’s Market in Toledo, Ohio, I now can make this Greek salad and not feel bad about buying everything […]

Art of Salad Making

I make lots of salads. Sometimes I combine all the food groups in one bowl. For instance lettuce or spinach (vegetables), goat cheese (dairy), brown rice (carbohydrate), tuna (protein), chopped dried apricots (fruit) and dressing (fat). That’s just one example. Mark Bittman of the New York Times writes ever so succinctly about 101 simple salads. #38 […]

Recipe: Asian Inspired Potsticker Salad

Tonight I went to a potluck dinner and made a salad that was buoyed by a recipe from the January issue of Vegetarian Times. The magazine’s recipe was quite different in scope but used vegetarian potstickers and soycatash, two ingredients which I incorporated. Here’s my potsticker salad recipe 1 bag lettuce (any kind) or half of two […]

Frugal Shopping Tip: Don’t Buy Salad in a Bag

I have always thought that next to the gift bag, the salad in a bag was a marvelous concept. Think about it: Everything you need at your finger tips, you don’t even have to wash the lettuce unless you’re a type A type.  For us purists, there was just green stuff — baby lettuces or […]

Salad Bar and Other Tomato Hazards

Last night I was invited to a salad potluck. It was a wonderful repast among good friends and amazingly no one put tomatoes in their salad nor were they well informed about the tomato food poisoning scare either. Right now you can only eat certain kinds of tomooes — cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and tomatoes […]