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Restaurant Dining Etiquette – What’s New?

Zagat wrote an interesting article about the 10 new rules of restaurant dining etiquette. Like all facets of society, it’s a changing. Has the rules for restaurant dining etiquette change too? Do you think men dining with men in a restaurant are treated better than women dining with women? Do you think the woman or […]

Restaurant Excess: Overrated Ingredients

  Zagat just came out with a list of eight overrated ingredients that chefs use. Here’s a few of their rants: Bacon Quinoa Pork belly Kobe beef Truffle oil Just curious — what ingredients whether on your restaurant plate or in your pantry, do you think is overrated? Even though I love anything with blood […]

Dear Mr. Knowlton…

In the September 2010 issue of Bon Appetit, Andrew Knowlton (as the BA Foodist) responds to a reader’s question about the best way for a large party to split a check. Dear Cecilia, Unless you’re with only one other person (okay, maybe two–I’m feeling generous) or you’re 17 years old and out with a group […]

Sung Korean Bistro – Review – Cincinnati Ohio

Looking to add a little excitement to your food palate?  Then take a culinary food adventure and visit Sung Korean Bistro  located at 700 Elm St. in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  NOTE to READERS:  I know many of you may not live in Ohio, but even though this review is about a specific restaurant, it is […]

Noah’s Bagels, Near Telegraph Hill – Berkeley, CA

Originally uploaded by Flickred! I recently enjoyed a Bacon and Cheddar Bagel and Iced Coffee from Noah’s New York Bagels. I don’t remember great bagel restaurants like Noah’s nearby when I was in school. It was a great morning treat; but college shouldn’t be this good is what I repeatedly found myself teasing my daughter […]

Rocky’s Grill

Inside the Student Union at the University of Toledo, there is a little burger place for students. At this place, there are tv’s, couches and a lounge to hang out with your friends.  I enjoy coming here occasionally because it is a nice place and is only a meal swipe, making it free to eat […]

Maxwell’s: A college place to gather

Maxwell’s, located in Toledo, Ohio near the university is a cute little place to go and eat. Even though they are known for their cheap $1 draft beers, and hookah, their food is always tasty and I can enjoy myself. Last night, I went there to eat with some of my friends. One of my […]