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Local Eats Phone App

The next phone application I am going to review is called Local Eats. This phone app allows you to see the top 100 restaurants in the top 50 U.S. cities. One of the nicest things about this app is that it is very easy to use and it also mostly avoids chain restaurants…this way you […]

The Brickhouse Restaurant Review

The Brickhouse is another restaurant I have tried recently. You probably could come to the conclusion that I eat out a lot, but really it is only as a special treat with my boyfriend on the weekend or with interns for lunch to get to know each other. Anyway, the Brickhouse is a new restaurant […]

Firehouse Pub Restaurant Review

A week ago, a bunch of the Goodyear Interns went to lunch together. Since a bunch of the interns are not from the area, we always to try to plan events to get to know each other. I am in charge of planning the lunches so I decided to pick a place very close to […]

MELT Bar and Grilled

Have you ever heard of Melt?…If you are from Northern Ohio then the answer is probably yes. Although Melt only has two locations (both in Cleveland, OH), this restaurant is very famous for its grilled sandwiches. Melt is a simple concept, but it is truly amazing. It is a fun yet casual place to go […]

Chowder House

Over the weekend, I was very busy for the Easter holiday. On top of it being Easter, my mom’s birthday was Saturday. For her birthday, we went to a new restaurant I had never been to. It is located in Cuyahoga Falls, OH and called Chowder House. Although I had never been there before, my […]

Restaurant Nutrition for the Droid

I recently got a Droid so I have been playing around with all the applications online. One very cool application I downloaded and found for free is called Restaurant Nutrition. In this application, you can literally look up any type of restaurant and go through the menu to see how much fat, calories, carbs, sugars, […]

Denny’s 2 4 6 8

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Since I am in college, everything I do is on a budget. I am always looking for new deals, coupons and savings to conserve my limited budget. I don’t go out to eat that much because it gets expensive, but it every once in awhile I treat myself and […]

Smokey Bones

Image via Wikipedia The past two days, my friends and I decided to make a trip down to Columbus for some fun shopping! My friend Amanda and I drove down there together, and we met 5 other people from the Columbus area. We went shopping at Easton and Polaris between the two days and it […]

Los habaneros

Image by RACINGMIX via Flickr Around my other job, I work for my Dad’s company System to Sell fixing up houses. My friend, Amanda, and I were working for him the other day and lunch time came around. So, we all packed up and decided to venture into Shaker Heights and find someplace to eat […]

Daves Cosmic Subs

Image by livatlantis via Flickr   This sub place in Hudson, OH is one of a kind. When you walk in the doors, you go back into the 80’s with crazy colors, and drawings everywhere. They even have a cool tradition of signing the wall when you go in. There are so many people making […]