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Cabo Flats

Last week, I was in West Palm Beach for Spring Break. It was a great trip and a lot of fun. I had never been there before, so I was excited to travel around and I was lucky enough to do a lot while on vacation. One of the days we were there, we went […]

The Elephant Bar Happy Hour

Image via Wikipedia The Elephant Bar is a very nice restaurant located in Toledo, OH at the mall. They have a lot of locations, but this one is the only location in Ohio. The restaurant is a little more pricey that an Applebees or Chili’s, but it is totally worth the price. Before I found […]

Nibbles & Bites: The Melting Pot

Though a fairly popular chain of restaurants now, the first Melting Pot opened in 1975 in Maitland, Florida, with the first franchise following in Tallahassee, four years later. Since that time they’ve spread across the Unites States and will be crossing the US-Canada border in 2010 with 2 locations already in the works. If you […]

Nibbles & Bites: Ray’s Steel City Saloon

In the building that once housed a Godfather’s Pizza (high school years) and a Mexican restaurant (college years) now exists a bit of Pittsburgh transplanted to the South. Or at least that’s what the inside cover of the menu says. One Friday night Todd & I decided to give them a try and while we […]

Nibbles & Bites: Julie’s Place, Tallahassee, FL

A Tallahassee institution for almost as long as I’ve been alive, Julie’s Place is well known as a spot for a nice meal in a relaxed setting. I’ve been there several times over the years, going back to a pre-prom dinner in the early 90s followed by banquets, meetings, and several dates. It’s been almost […]