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Rude Restaurant Behavior

Today my friend and I went to breakfast at a local Tucson restaurant that I enjoy frequenting now and then. I love their breakfasts. We arrived around 9:55 and most but not all tables were taken. Several of the people had computers and were working or having meetings with 2 or 3 people. We ordered […]

Restaurant Etiquette, What’s That?

The Zagat blog lists 10 new rules for restaurant etiquette. The blog location is NYC. What do the rest of the United States think? Does the Big Apple’s rules rule? Here is what the list says about kids: “It’s fine to bring children to dinner in most restaurants. But don’t do it at places where […]

Restaurant Server Etiquette

Here’s part one of an article that lists 50 things restaurant staff should never do. This punched my buttons because some of these things are my pet peeves such as: –When I’m with someone and they consult the waiter or waitress as to their favorite. I really don’t care what their favorite is and that doesn’t mean […]