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AlcoHOLidays | Hanukkah | Light One Cocktail

When it comes to honoring other culture’s holy days with something as potentially flippant as a cocktail tribute, you have to walk a fine line between humor and reverence. So I’m going to apologize now for the very bad pun I’m about to make. Most people know that Hanukkah is the Jewish celebration of the night when […]

So You Say You Want To Learn All About Wine?

“Uncorked The Novice’s Guide to Wine” by Paul Kreider is exactly that. Kreider, a winemaker and wine consultant, has taken just about everything anyone would want to know about wine and explains the information in a clear, concise and best of all interesting manner. Although the book has the novice in mind those of us […]

Cool Weather. Hot Red! Wine

I received a bottle of wine in the mail the other day as part of a promotion for Spanish wine. The wine, a 2003 Montecillo Reserva, is 100% Tempranillo from Rioja Alta region and as such is dark in color and earthy in tone– perfect for sipping on the first chilly night of autumn here […]

Nice Wine!

Full disclosure, a while back I received two very nice bottles of wine from the Rene Barbier folks as part of their Mediterranean Wine Series. There was a white and a red,of course, but both were very user friendly. The white was perfect for summer on the back porch. The red was just bold enough […]

Sips & Shots: Meet the Reds: Malbec

Not exactly a new grape, Malbec is one of many grown in the Bordeaux region, usually as a mix-in to (once again) smooth out Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a very popular grape to plant, however, in South America and it’s the Argentina Malbecs that really are something worth looking into. They range in temperament from soft […]

Sips & Shots: Sangria

A fruited wine beverage, Sangria has as many variations as it has makers. The downside, generally speaking, is that to make good Sangria you need time. Namely, time for the fruit to mix and meld with the other ingredients. But what if you want Sangria now, and you’ve got all the parts but you’d rather […]