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A Peek in the Pantry

Not long ago, a new friend asked me a question that I did not have a ready answer for: How do you stock a pantry? The question stumped me because a) I hadn’t (ever?) given the matter much thought–it was just something that we did–and b) it really depends on how you cook. Still, as […]

Farmers’ Market Follow-Up

If there’s one thing I retained from 3 years as a Brownie it’s “Be Prepared.” In fact, I might be a smidgen compulsive on the research front, wanting to know as much as possible about a situation before heading into it. So it was that I asked for helpful hints in advance of my first […]

Farmer’s Market Etiquette

Now that the dust has settled from the holidays, it’s time to get back to routines–both old and a few new. We moved just before Christmas and, among other things, our new location puts us within 5 minutes of a local Farmer’s Market–possibly the best in town–so one of my new habits, this year, is […]

Monette’s Market

Looking for a great place to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables?? If you are even in the Toledo area, I know the perfect place…MONETTE’S!!! This small market not only always has fresh food, but it great quality with low prices. I first found out about the market from one of my sorority sisters who […]

Choosing Delicious Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the most thrown-out food in U.S. households. No matter how picky you are when you dig through those mounds of fruits and veggies at supermarkets and farm stands, you can still end up with a mealy peach or a tasteless tomato. Yech! And what a waste of money.   Experts who […]