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Staph bacteria in meat? Eat vegetarian

Almost 50 percent of meat and poultry tested in grocery stores, test positive for staph bacteria which could be harmful to humans. Perhaps that’s a reason to buy locally-raised grass fed meat? Half of the contaminated samples contained strains of the bacteria that were resistant to at least three antibiotics, such as penicillin and tetracycline. […]

Food Safety: Poultry Production and Food Poisoning

Image via Wikipedia I hope the USDA has seen the movie, Food Inc., to see how chickens and turkeys are treated. After seeing this movie, I have eaten far less poultry and ground beef than previously. Those images penetrated. I hope this press release is not just some puffed up gov-speak.  As I like to […]

Niblles & Bites: the Chicken Connection

An easy thing to do, if you’re goal is to eat a bit healthier, is to eat more chicken and fish compared to beef and pork. Most people know this. But a strange thing has happened over the years when it comes to the median size of a fresh chicken breast. If I buy a […]

Thanksgiving: Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s that time when people are thinking about their Thanksgiving meal. My best friend Mary Jo was telling me what she was going to make for that day. She lives in Northern Calif. so I’ll only get to hear about her meal. She was telling me about putting her turkey on a bed of sliced […]

Tyson Chicken Product Labeling Controversy

In a nutshell: Tyson Foods withdraws raised without antibiotics label on chicken. June 2, 2008–Due to controversy over product labeling regulations and advertising claims, Tyson Foods, Inc. has notified the USDA it is voluntarily withdrawing its qualified Raised Without Antibiotics chicken label. Additionally, Tyson officials have asked the USDA to consider initiating a public process […]