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The Poor, Maligned Potato

I’m not sure why potatoes have been on my mind, lately, they just have, so let’s talk some spuds, shall we? Obesity and weight-control being the buzz-words they are, potatoes are one of the first things (along with bread and another other carbohydrate-rich food) to be ditched in an effort to get “healthier.” While I […]

50 Shots of America–Idaho

What I know of Idaho is what I saw on the 5# sack of potatoes as a kid: what it’s shaped like and potatoes come from there. It’s one of the few states I could pick out on an unlabeled map, thanks to their simple but straightforward marketing plan. No surprise, there’s a lot more […]

Makin’ Gnocchi

Pronounced NYO-kee… or something like that. One of the recipes that is going into the cookbook is my Gnocchi Casserole with Pesto, Broccoli and Sausage. It’s a simple dish with a lot of flavor and great for beginner cooks since it uses ready made ingredients. A goal of the book, though, is to have a […]

Potato Peeling Made Easy

Easy peasy peel a potato Do you hate peeling potatoes as much as I do? Here’s a cool video made my Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island; she now lives in Idaho. I have not tried this myself but I will. I wonder if it works with Yukon gold potatoes which I have a bag of and […]