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Roasted Potato Fries Recipe

Here is a very simple recipe that I enjoy making. This recipe is easy to prepare and you can use ingredients you probably already have around your house. The recipe is for Roasted Potato Fries. All you need to make this is potatoes, olive oil and spices. Besides this being very delicious and a lot […]

Vegetarian: Winter squash and Root Vegetable Gratin

Who doesn’t love the humble potato? Ok, so maybe during that whole low-carb craze I may have shied away from baked potatoes for a little while, but it sure didn’t take long for me to be wooed by a yummy potato salad or some rich scalloped potatoes.  Especially in the cold New York winter, potatoes […]

Kitchen Fun!

During a manicure at the Nail Bar (literally a nail place that does your manicure at a wood-and-tile bar while you sip wine or cocktails) I offered to let a friend come over one Saturday and we’d spend the day in the kitchen, preparing awesome food and then have a small dinner party with our […]