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Peanut Recall Glitch

A few days ago, I posted about a peanut recall that happened Feb 09 but the press release was received July 24, 09. Here’s the explanation of what happened per the FDA: Due to an uncontrollable system glitch, an email notification was released in error on July 27, 2009 entitled: “Publix Issues Voluntary Recall on […]

Peanut Recall

In a nutshell: This FDA press release is dated Feb. 4, 2009 but I just received it today (7-24-09). You have to wonder what took them so long? from FDA press release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — LAKELAND, Fla., Feb. 4, 2009 — Publix Super Markets is issuing a voluntary recall for Publix Gourmet Peanut Mix. […]

Trader Joes Recalls Some Peanut Products

In a nutshell: Trader Joe’s is recalling various products from various regions. Read on. FDA press release verbatim FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — (February 9, 2009) Monrovia, CA – Trader Joe’s today expands its voluntary recall to include three private label products: Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies (Sold in Midwest, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee Trader […]

Tainted Peanuts and Other Food Recalls

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is following the Blakely, Georgia peanut recall debacle. Read the article and your stomach will turn as this latest peanut salmonella outbreak could’ve been avoided — if the FDA actually went to the plant to follow up on metal shards that were in a batch of peanuts rejected by Canada — if […]

Peanut Recall Expanded

In a nutshell: The gig is up. Peanut Corporation of America is now expanding their recall to include everything from peanut butter to peanut paste to peanut meal to roasted peanuts. FDA press release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Lynchburg, Va. (January 28, 2009) – Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) is voluntarily recalling all peanuts and […]