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10 easy red, white, blue food ideas for July 4th

Around this time of the year, people show their patriotism by wanting to celebrate the 4th of July and eat red, white, and blue foods. Here are some last minute food ideas: –Red salsa, white bean dip and blue tortilla chips –Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting topped with fresh blueberries and sprinkles –Angel […]

Easy Red, White, and Blue Desserts

Every patriotic holiday, people like you are looking for easy red, white, and blue desserts. Here are some ideas: Buy a cheesecake and decorate with fresh sliced (drained)strawberries and blueberries and red and blue sprinkles. You could easily whip up of a batch of magic bars and substitute half the chocolate chips for dried cranberries and tint half the […]

Patriotic Desserts-Red, White, Blue Cupcakes

It’s time to party for Inauguration Day – January 20. Even if you have nothing planned, surprise your family with a patriotic dessert. Or invite some friends over for dessert and champagne. The obvious choice is patriotic cupcakes because of portion control. Here are some ideas: EASY–Make white cupcakes with cake mix and frost with white […]

January 20 – Inauguration Food

Only nine more days and it’s in with the new and hope, and out with the old and well,you get it. I’m hoping people all over the land will celebrate in some way or another. As you can imagine people in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland will be doing a lot of partying. Over 100 bars […]