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Dinner Party Ideas? Four Sure-To-Please Ideas

Themed Party Food Creating a fun theme for your dinner party can actually make the evening less stressful as you can eliminate all of the possibilities outside of this theme. You could choose an Italian theme, an Indian theme, Greek, Chinese or American. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even plan a dinner party […]

Organizing a Housewarming Party: What to serve

As soon as you are settled in your new house, the odds are that you will want to display your pride and joy to the world and invite your friends to a housewarming party. Here are a few ideas to help ensure that your housewarming party is a success. Essentials It is usually best to […]

Nibbles & Bites: The Naughty & Nice Party

Also known as a Heaven & Hell or Angel & Devil Party, this style of Valentine’s Party is a good way to bring both couples and singles together in a fun, low-pressure environment and have a little fun. Invitations will ask the guests to come as either angels or devils. Now, depending on your friends […]