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Meet the Whites: Pinot Grigio

We’re going to kick off this trip down the white wine aisle with a look at the easy-to-drink, easy-on-the pocket book Pinot Grigio. In Northern Italy, as this bottle shows, it’s called Pinot Grigio but in Alsace, France, where it grows especially well, it’s known as Pinot Gris (pronounce GREE). And, yes, it is a […]

50 Shots of America–Oregon

The Oregon Trail For the longest time I thought Oregon was more inland… somewhere more in the Idaho area, for some reason. I just couldn’t imagine it on the coast. At least I didn’t think it was an island, right? What I *was* fairly sure of was that lots of people traveled to Oregon in […]

Ashland, Oregon:Good Housekeeping for the Mind

I am back from my vacation. I had no computer access because I don’t have a laptop and my friend doesn’t have a computer at home. I don’t have a mobile device so there was no checking email. I never read the newspaper and didn’t listen to the radio or watch TV. I didn’t even […]