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Improve Bone Health / Avoid Broken Bones

Nutrition Nugget – Milk & The Modern Myth In a nation where it seems that every disease known to (wo)mankind is on the rise, it causes pause to think most Americans are not aware of what has been done to our food supply. It is time to discard old nutritional belief systems and dedicate our health […]

Tips to Improve Health

Nutrition Nugget: Nature Trumps Genetics Healthy greetings from my world of wellness! This is the first of many nuggets I plan to pass your way in the hopes of helping you to stay well, be well or get well. I’m on a mission to “pay forward” the gift of renewed health that was given to […]

Follow That Craving!

The other night Todd made a yummy supper (grilled beef roast, fluffy baked potatoes loaded with toppings and steamed asparagus) and I just wasn’t feeling it. Temperatures are already high here and Florida and this meal, while tasty, was hot, heavy, solid and totally not what my body was wanting. I’d been craving fresh fruit, […]

My Net Diary

Image by laurenatclemson via Flickr This is a relatively new application for the i phone and blackberry. This tool is essentially a diet coach on the go. You input your food, exercise routine and other factors, and it tells you everything you need to know to keep you on the right track. There are many […]

Calorie Intake

       Eating healthy is very important, and one part of eating healthy is calories. Calories are a pre- SI unit of energy, but what does that really mean. Everyone needs calories, young and old, skinny and fat, but to what extent is the question. Someone trying to loose weight should eat usually around 1,500 calories, […]