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AlcoHOLidays | New Year’s Eve | Holiday Sparkler

As the end of the year comes rushing at us, completing our annual cycle, I feel the need to simplify. I think the holiday overwhelm always makes me feel this way, so why complicate things any more than they need to be? You can’t go wrong with simple Champagne or sparkling wines served chilled in […]

Happy New Year!!!!

Image via Wikipedia We are almost at the end of 2010! This year has flown by for me, but I am very excited to start the new year off right! I only have one year left in college… I am now the president of my sorority… I am very excited for what’s in store for […]

Whole Wheat Pizza – 30-Minute Dinner – Honest

I love to make homemade pizza when I want something special yet fun.  My Mom used to do this and it brings back fond memories.  Homemade Pizza is great to do for New Year’s Eve when it is just a few of you staying in or for birthday parties, Saturday nights in front of the […]

New Years Eve, Day, Food Traditions

Thank dog this year will soon be over. Everyone was talking tonight what a horrible year 2008 has been. People are really looking forward to January 20 and a new president who has a plateful of problems mounting by the minute. Somehow we still have hope in our hearts. What do you do on New […]