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A Hot Way to Cool Down

Ahh, rum. It was my spirit of choice back when I hit the legal drinking age (no, really, I was a goody two shoes and didn’t drink until I was 21*), probably because I grew up watching Aunt Marie mix Pina Coladas at my grandmother’s wet bar and I just thought that was the life, right […]

50 Shots of America–Wyoming

Dude, we’re up to the 44th state of the Union: Wyoming! And no, I haven’t confused my states, I know we’ve already done California. I’m not talking surfing, here, I’m talking ranching! Dude ranches, specifically, the first of which was opened in 1879 in Wolf, Wyoming by the Eaton brothers (warning: music plays automatically). Back […]

Improve Bone Health / Avoid Broken Bones

Nutrition Nugget – Milk & The Modern Myth In a nation where it seems that every disease known to (wo)mankind is on the rise, it causes pause to think most Americans are not aware of what has been done to our food supply. It is time to discard old nutritional belief systems and dedicate our health […]

50 Shots of America–Minnesota

Clouds in my Curacao Minnesota may well be the North Star State and the Land of 10.000 Lakes (actually 11,842–that just doesn’t roll off the tongue as easy) but after reading up on our 32nd state I’m more inclined to think of it as the shopping state! Did you know the first indoor shopping mall […]

Almond Milk

Image via Wikipedia Have you ever had almond milk?? I would never have tried this milk because it is $4 a ½ gallon, but after receieving a free coupon in the mail, I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. This milk comes in vanilla, regular and chocolate. I purchased the vanilla and it was amazing. […]

50 Shots of America–Rhode Island

Seems to like all Rhode Island ever wanted was to be left alone and they just never stood a chance. An early haven for seekers of religious tolerance it was later the Switzerland of New England during the American Indian wars of 17th Century (even though no one really honored their wish to remain neutral. […]

Sips & Shots–50 Shots of America: Connecticut

Our fifth state, the Constitution State (so-named because they had the very first one), ratified the big Constitution on January 9, 1788, and gets it’s name from the Mohegan word for “place of long tidal river.” As I researched the state I got the impression that they really aren’t into the wild and wacky, up […]