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More Appetizers Than You Can Shake a Skillet At

Have you ever sat down for a meal–with friends, family or even alone–even though you didn’t think you were all that hungry? But, somehow, after a few bites you realize you’re ravenous and finish a meal as usual? That is the power of the appetite. And appetizers exist to wake up that appetite and get […]

Meatballs from America’s Test Kitchen TV Show

Image via Wikipedia I don’t watch a lot of TV.  But I’ve started using my DVR to record cooking shows that usually air at times that I prefer to do non-TV things.  America’s Test Kitchen TV show, and their second “Cook’s Country TV show”, are two that I especially enjoy.  Why?   They satisfy all sides […]

Meatball Appetizer

Image by hodgers via Flickr Thia meatball appetizer is great for large parties and would be a perfect idea for the superbowl. You can make them ahead of time, and let them sit the whole time in the crock pot until you need them. One of my sorority sisters had a purse party this afternoon […]