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It’s Very Easy in the Keys

A couple years ago, at my now-sister-in-law’s graduation dinner and engagement, I ordered a delightful cocktail: the Key Lime Pie. It was dessert in a glass. And ever since then I’ve wanted to recreate it. This is a prime opportunity, don’t you think? Key Lime Pie martinis are quite common and I easily found 7 […]

Give Me 3 CCs–Stat!

Unlike a goodly portion of human adults, I don’t rely on a cup of coffee or three to start my day (part of it is that whole no-caffeine thing, of course). Sure, I indulge in the occasional Venti Decaf Soy Caramel Macchiatto when I manage to leave the house a little early but, for the […]

Introducing… the Alphatinis!

Whew! It is HOT out there. Care for a cool drink? How many times have you perused a restaurant’s bar menu–usually featuring a number of signature cocktails ending in -ini–picked something that sounded great and then, well, been kinda disappointed by that first sip? Aside from the fact that it’s better to judge a drink […]