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Protein Rich Breakfast – Low Glycemic Smoothie

While I was on vacation, my friend Chef Annette, made me a delicious smoothie (or smoothy) for breakfast. Surprisingly, it stuck with me for three or four hours before I became hungry. There was no added sugar or honey and a lot of protein. I have been making a smoothie every day since. It’s a […]

Low Glycemic Feast – Day 6

First let me explain what low glycemic means. If you do a search, you’ll come to numerous explanations that all — more or less — say the same thing. When you eat foods that are low on the glycemic index, the foods take longer to be absorbed and digested. The benefit is you eat less, […]

South Beach Diet – Low Glycemic – Day 5

Today I was craving chocolate. I didn’t have any but I thought about chocolate a lot. Actually bittersweet chocolate or cocoa powder without sugar is low glycemic but is not allowed on phase 1 of the South Beach diet. I don’t think I ate much today which is fine plus I went to the gym which is […]

Low Glycemic Diet – Day 1- South Beach Diet

I decided to go on the low glycemic South Beach Diet – phase 1 — for two weeks. Every night I will report what I ate. I hate this kind of mental bookkeeping but if I wait until tomorrow, I’ll forget. Phase 1 of South Beach diet is pretty strict but I figure it’s only for two […]

Low Glycemic Lunch for Mothers Day

Mothers Day is May 11 and too many restaurants will be overcrowded overcharging for mediocre service and so-so food. I know it’s a money-maker day for restaurants but with a little help from some friends or family, you can make mothers day more enjoyable. Consider getting some friends together along with their moms and hosting […]