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MacKnitty’s Beet Radish?

I’ve been a little (a lot) absent from the blog recently due to AIMS testing and benchmark testing and DIBELS testing and testing…. blah..blah. It’s also the final days of school, 6 but who’s counting, the teachers would love to keep their kids year round and we often wonder why there are breaks in the […]

MacKnitty strolls the U of A Farmer’s Market

 Being a teacher is cool on many levels but one of my favorites are breaks when other people are working, like Spring Break ’09! I was able to check out The University of Arizona Farmer’s Market today, where I was pleasantly surprised. I am never sure about Farmer’s Markets, sometimes they are huge and sometimes […]

Welcome New Blogger: Tucson Locavore

Circle of Food would like to welcome a new voice embarking on a journey to eat more local foods. Tia Begay posted a comment about her new found interest in joining a CSA and wanting her family to eat more locally grown foods. I’m interested in reading what she has to say and I hope […]

Desert Locavore: Eating Locally in Tucson, AZ

Plucky writer dances with herbs and eats copious amounts of squash for seven days… Practice blatant localism. I saw those words on a bumper sticker and its meaning haunted me. I already eat in locally-owned restaurants; use a naturopath and acupuncturist to heal me instead of bureaucratic Blue Cross and Walgreen’s prescription counter and buy […]

Avoid the Tomato Scare; Eat Local Tomatoes

The lastest tomato scare is just another reason to eat locally grown produce and to support the mom-and-pop farmer and farmers markets. For an article that I’m writing which will appear in late July, this week I am eating only foods that I find at farmers markets and friends’ gardens. I have spent all week […]