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Getting Your Kitchen Act Together

If you watch cooking shows or read cooking magazines, you’ve probably seen the term mise en place (meece on plaz) bandied about a fair amount. Just because mise looks a lot like mess, don’t be fooled–it’s the exact opposite! Mise en place is French for “put in place” and is your basic prep work before any recipe. At it’s highest […]

Cooking Tips: Kitchen Improvise

You’re starting to ready for Thanksgiving and you don’t have certain tools to cook or get the food on the table. All the stores are closed which is a miracle in itself and you don’t have to time to go there even if they were open. Your neighbors are no help either. What are you […]

No One-Trick Ponies In Our Kitchens!

I’ve often said that our hands and the best kitchen tools every made. They can do so many things and are always (sorry, I have to) close at hand. They can break items down and combine others together. They can mix, measure and mold. And it is those same hands that guide and utilize all […]

Nibbles & Bites: The Oil Can

Pausing in my back-log of restaurant experiences and pseudo-reviews, I want to talk about a neat little thing I picked up for the kitchen not too long ago: an oil can. No, not the poppa-poppa-sounding one they used to keep the Tin Man from freezing up, a cute little can to store and pour my […]

How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives

Image by omefrans via Flickr How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives The fresh flavors of summer mean plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables to serve on your dinnerware to delight your family and guests. To prepare them right, sharp cutlery knives are essential. Dull knives are not only frustrating to use, but can be dangerous. The more […]