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10 reasons to over eat on Thanksgiving

While every other article is telling you to eat in moderation on Thanksgiving, this is the advice you’ve been waiting for. It’s common sense. If you’re going to make all that food — just eat it! Finally, there’s an author who is going to give you real gut busting advice for The Art of Overeating. […]

Chocolate Math

Image via Wikipedia My cousin Renee sent me this. At first I was going to delete it but thought — what the heck — the word chocolate called my name and I’m really good about having my attention diverted. I’m a skeptic and didn’t think it would work — but it did. Nobody was more […]

Really Bad Airline Food

I haven’t been on an airline for so long that doesn’t serve more than roasted peanuts or pretzels. I guess if you travel internationally, food is served. Here is a hysterical complaint letter from a customer on Virgin Airlines (which is a funny name for an airline. I prefer a pilot with experience.) The poor […]

Red Bullsh*t

Originally uploaded by Mishel Churkin For a few years I have seen those auto wrapped cars emblazoned with Red Bull and the larger than life sized can of Red Bull sticking out of the back. But I never tried a Red Bull…until today. I was getting in my car at Office Depot when one of […]