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I’ll be home for Christmas…

Image by Eva Ganeshavia Flickr The past two weeks, I have been home for the holidays. It has been very nice to see everyone, but it also throws off my daily routine. Usually, I am in charge of everything, have a set busy schedule to follow, and barley have time for meals. Now that I […]

Turkey(?) Day

Hello friends!  Allow me to introduce myself.   I’m Gretchen and I have a blog called Don’t Forget Love which is in the process of moving from the blogger platform to wordpress.  You can now find me there at  http://dontforgetlove.wordpress.com .  I am excited to be writing for Circle of Food.  For several years, I’ve been […]

Kitchen Fun!

During a manicure at the Nail Bar (literally a nail place that does your manicure at a wood-and-tile bar while you sip wine or cocktails) I offered to let a friend come over one Saturday and we’d spend the day in the kitchen, preparing awesome food and then have a small dinner party with our […]

Cooking is the New Black

  Image via Wikipedia Today, the Wall Street Journal had an article talking about the new trend in consumers’ interests – gone is America’s infatuation with affluent living (a la Fine Living Network channel) and in its place is – cooking (a la Cooking Channel).     I got a preview of this yesterday when I […]