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Healthy Eating

Nutrition Nugget: To Meat or Not To Meat I spoke at a Wellness gathering this past Friday evening. For the second time this year my presentation was interrupted by a person calling out, “Is this about being vegan?” My reply, “No, it is not.” Just as I was about to resume the discussion, the second […]

1,000th post on healthy food blog-Circle of Food

Congratulations to us!  (Mary, Cindy, and me-Karyn) All day long I have been obsessing about making the 1,000th post. Here are some facts about the Circle of Food blog: The first post was September 18, 2006. During the rest of the year, we had 320 unique visitors and 31,098 page views. The most popular search […]

Healthy Grilling Recipes for Fathers Day

Many of our dads are watching their weight, their cholesterol, their prostrate, or trying to eat healthy. Why not honor your father by taking him on a hike or playing a round of golf and shooting some hoops? Another way to honor Dad is inviting the family and good friends for a healthy grill fest. Food always […]