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Cooking Light Comfort Food Cookbook

Comfort food. Say the words in polite society and people smile pleasantly thinking about their favorite comfort foods. Comfort food will never go out of style. While food trends come and go, comfort food is in it for the long haul. I think about comfort food more when the weather is cold or on a […]

Caramelized Red Onion Pizza Recipe

Looking for a vegetarian main course? Try this Caramelized Red Onion Pizza.  I made it last night for dinner and the leftovers at lunch today were just as good.   It is moist and full-flavored without any high-calorie layer of cheese – just a hint of feta on top of a mound of sweet, caramelized red […]

Healthy eating tips and easy pizza recipe

Image via Wikipedia Healthy eating tips Del Monte Senior Nutritionist Sarah Ludmer (RD, LDN) sent Circle of Food some tasty and healthy eating suggestions along with a recipe that I’m going to share. From Ms. Ludmer: •         Eat a vegetable with every meal—white potatoes don’t count. •         Have emergency meals ready—flatbreads in the freezer, cheese, […]

100 Healthy Recipes for Lazy People

Image via Wikipedia I was asked to link to 100 Healthy Recipes for Lazy People. Thanks for the heads up. Who could not resist? And the hotter it gets, the lazier I get. This list is a real keeper. Who has ever heard of chocolate bruschetta? Spicy lemon trout, poached ginger chicken, and BBQ tofu […]

Cupcake Recipe!

Originally uploaded by The Bleeding Heart Bakery I love baking but seem to never have enough time to bake between school, homework, and my organizations on campus. So when I need to bake something, I usually use boxed goods simply because it is quicker. This weekend, I am baking cupcakes for my sorority. I am […]

Thanksgiving: Healthy Vegan Recipes Using Golden Berries

I received some recipes from Kopali Organics about their goldenberries. I have never heard of goldberries but of course being the curious type especially regarding food I found that it is a fruit loaded with vitamins A, C and B and contains unusually high levels of pectin and phosphorous. The goldenberry grows in the tropics. […]

Healthy Grilling Recipes for Fathers Day

Many of our dads are watching their weight, their cholesterol, their prostrate, or trying to eat healthy. Why not honor your father by taking him on a hike or playing a round of golf and shooting some hoops? Another way to honor Dad is inviting the family and good friends for a healthy grill fest. Food always […]